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Phoenix Media is a public relations firm geared to provide the services that best suit clients’ need whether a full-scale marketing/public relations program or a short-term media blitz, either nationwide or in selected markets.  We believe our clients are entitled to superior service at a reasonable price and to have confidence that their needs will be met with professionalism and courtesy.  Phoenix Media is a public relations firm with special strengths, strengths that give our clients a competitive edge in today’s sophisticated marketplace. 


In a tough economy, it is more important than ever to make your service or product stand out in the crowd.  You need a public relations specialist with a broad background who can tailor a campaign that highlights what you want to sell in a way that makes the buyer eager to seek you out and take advantage of what you have to offer.  And that is Phoenix Media’s specialty.  We are a versatile group who can achieve results for products, personalities and services alike. 

We offer:

Marketing and Media Strategy

Phoenix Media can devise a marketing strategy to launch a new product or gain higher visibility for a current product line.  We can develop and implement a media campaign specially designed to showcase a product, personality or service to the various designated prime targets.

Media Tours

Phoenix Media specialize in arranging national and local tours that include interviews on radio and television and with the print media, backed up by radio telephone interviews and follow-up mailings.  With intimate knowledge of the media, Phoenix Media is able to structure cost efficient tours that achieve maximum exposure in every market visited.

Press Materials

Phoenix Media can create visually impressive and effective press kits and write press releases geared to a selected or national print campaign.  We can also write and produce attractive collateral materials including booklets and brochures that are offered to the public through the media, thereby extending the reach of the message.

Press Conferences/Meetings

Phoenix Media can arrange one-on-one meetings with selected press representatives, seminars for targeted groups or full-scale press conferences.

Special Events

Phoenix Media can create imaginative special events and press parties that will be covered by the media, bringing further exposure and excitement to publicity campaigns. 

Audio-Video Services

Phoenix Media can devise an audio-video mailing campaign to bring a spokesperson’s voice and image to the many smaller and too costly to reach markets that are, nonetheless, important to the success of a product.  We also offer full audio and video editing/recording services.

Counseling And Coaching

Phoenix Media can train spokespersons to be effective, self-assured “performers” on radio and television and counsel them on the best methods for getting their message across.

Phoenix Media Special Services

Phoenix Media staff members can escort spokespeople to their appointments in New York City.  We can also arrange media escorts in all other cities, as well as travel, hotel, limousines and other services as required.

Phoenix Media is the creation of its president, Donna Gould, a public relations and marketing professional who has worked in radio, television and publishing for more than thirty-five years.  Prior to creating Phoenix Media, Ms. Gould was Executive Director of Publicity at The Berkley Publishing Group; She has also been the Publicity Director of publishing companies including Thomas Y. Crowell, HarperCollins, New American Library, E.P. Dutton, Grosset & Dunlap, Workman Publishing and N.W. Ayer Advertising and Public Relations. 

Prior to her position at Berkley, she owned and operated Donna Gould Associates, a public relations firm.  Ms. Gould has also been a radio producer for  The Mike Wallace At Large Show/CBS Radio; Talent Coordinator for AM New York/WABC-TV and producer at People Are Talking/WWOR-TV.  She currently is the Executive Producer for the nationally syndicated health/medical radio show:  YOU The Owner's Manual with Dr. Michael Roizen M.D. which airs to over 38 cities natonwide.

Donna Gould’s client list over the years is a who’s who in many fields:

Dr. David Kessler MD
Former head of the FDA and author of
The End of Overeating
NY Times Bestselling author
Marci Shimoff for her book
Happy for No Reason
Investigative Reporter Peter Lance
for his NY Times Bestseller Triple Cross

Dr Phil's Syndicated TV Show: THE DOCTORS

*Dr. Dean Ornish for his book: The Spectrum

**Dr. Michael Roizen M.D. &
    Dr. Mehmet Oz M.D.

NY Times Bestseller
YOU Book Series

Dr. John LaPluma MD/Chef MD

Dr. Peter Scardino MD/Prostate Cancer Book

Dr. Neal Barnard M.D./for Diabetes Book &

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Dr. Judith Orloff MD/Second Sight/Emotional Freedom

Dr. Daphne Miller M.D./The Jungle Effect

Norm N. Nite/Sirius Satellite Radio/Rock On

A&E’s Open Book Show

American Baby Books & Cable TV Show

American Management Association

Bahamas Tourism

The U.S. Army

Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards

Consumer Reports Books

Crown Publishers

DuPont Co. (SilverStone)

Halpern Sounds

HarperCollins Publishers

Health Communications, Inc.,  publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul and other Chicken Soup titles

Prentice Hall Publishers

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author of Your Erroneous Zones

Dr. Barry Sears/The Zone Book Series

Dr. Chérie Carter Scott’s, If LIfe Is A Game These are the Rules:  The Ten Rules for Being Human

Television Host Bill Boggs

The Emily Post Institute

NBC TV Correspondent Jay Barbree

Politicial Historian Robert Dallek

Khaliah Ali/Fighting Weight

Nutritionist Oz Garcia

McGraw-Hill Publishers

Gotham Books Div of Penguin USA

RealAge, Inc.

Putnam Publishing

Dragon Door Publications

Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The Mayo Clinic Books

Mosby/Times Mirror

Muppets Magazine

Rodale Publishing

Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster Audio

Source Cassette Learning Systems

St Martin's Press

Tarcher Books

The Free Press

The Preppy Handbook

The Silver Palate Cookbook

Schmid Laboratories

Avery Books Div of Penguin USA

Among her successful campaigns are: 

National campaign to introduce K.C. Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce

(whose sale to Clorox was precipitated by the background story

she placed in Forbes magazine

Created a public relations campaign for Schmid Laboratories, manufacturers of Ramses condoms, when condom advertising was first being permitted on non-network television stations

 The re-launch of the classic writer’s guide,  Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style

National campaign to launch prescription drugs:
Nicorette and Seldane

*Placed Cover Story in Newsweek for
Dr. Dean Ornish 3/16/1998
**The YOU Book Series (All National Bestsellers)


Special for Authors

Radio Phone Campaigns

We have a list of radio stations nationwide that do phone interviews with authors and experts.  Usually, these are short interviews but occasionally they are longer call-ins.  Press materials are sent to producers/hosts and are followed up with books.  For further placements, materials can be sent to “newsmaker interviews” and an ad can be placed in TV/Radio Interview Reports.  The advantage of this campaign is that no traveling is involved and interviews can be scheduled around other activities.   


A carefully-crafted proposal with the book or galley is first sent to national television shows.  Later national radio and press receive a complete press kit and book.  Follow-up is extensive, but if the topic is timely, there is a reasonable chance of placement. 




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